Clothes Moth Foggers

Powerful Knockdown Moth Killing Foggers. Professional grade, fast acting and safe to use.

The first attack on Clothes Moths should be a powerful knockdown that will get in to hard to reach areas and kill larvae as well as moths. Our Moth Foggers are 'Ready to Use' canisters with 'Total Release' caps. Simple to deploy and fast to act you can fog a room within 2 hours and be using it again with 3 hours. The fine particle released from our foggers will get into the deepest nooks and crevices of your home to kill moths that are harboring and breeding. Larvae will be killed as well, vastly reducing the extent of an infestation by knocking back the next generation of moths before they can pupate.

The fogger you use will be dictated by the room you need to treat. Check our table below for further details. Rest assured though that whichever fogger you use it will be a professional grade fogger that will hit your moth infestation hard and fast.

Need Location Solution

Fast acting knockdown attack against clothes moths and larvae throughout a room up to 5000 cubic feet ( L25' x W25' x H8').

Attics, garages and other storage areas.

Moth Killing Residual Fogger - FMC

Bedrooms, living rooms kitchens and other living areas.

Moth Killing Natural Knockdown Fogger - Pro Control

All backed by our unique 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!