Moth Killing Dusts

Professional Grade Carpet Moth Killing Dusts. Fast acting, persistent and safe to use.

Moth killing Dust is an effective means to get deep into a carpet pile, behind baseboards or under low furniture with a product that will persist in killing carpet moths, larvae and eggs for a long period of time. Dust gets into hard to reach crevices and stays there to kill the moths and larvae that harbor there.

Our Moth Dust products are 'Ready to Use' and simple to use. The simplest way to apply is by lightly applying to a surface and moving into place with a paint brush to spread the dust in to a thin layer. Dust will kill larvae as well, reducing the severity of an infestation before larvae can can pupate and emerge as moths.

The Dust that you should use will be dictated by the room you need to treat. Check our table below for further details. Rest assured though that whichever dust you use it will be a professional grade dust that will hit your moth infestation hard and fast.

Need Location Solution

Dust for application to nooks, crevices, behind baseboards, under and behind low furniture. To kill moths, larvae and eggs.

Bedrooms, Living Rooms and other living areas.

Not for use in Kitchens.
Not to be left unprotected if uses in Bedrooms.

D-Fense Dust

Suitable for use in Bedrooms, Dining Rooms and Kitchens.

Natural Evergreen Pyrethrum Dust

All backed by our unique 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!