Safety Products

Whether you're using our chemical or natural treatments we recommend the use of our safety products.

All of our products are certified safe to use by the home user. When carrying out your own moth treatment with foggers, sprays or dusts please consider your own protection. All of our products are packaged as 'diluted' and 'ready to use', but they may still cause irritation to your skin or harm you if ingested. This is the case even if using our natural range of products. We offer our safety products at a very reasonable price to encourage you to purchase for your own safety. If you purchase one of our Killer Kits you will receive Gloves and a Mask within your kit.

Masks: Graded to remove 95% of airborne particles
Gloves: High quality chemical resistant 15 mil thick 100% Nitrile, NFPA compliant
Goggles: Vented for improved visibility and designed to fit over most prescription glasses

Aside from physical protection, when carrying out your treatment please consider the following:

  1. Read all product labels before starting your treatment
  2. Children and Pets should not be permitted within a room where a treatment is being carried out or until treated surfaces are dry, the room aired, and Dusts removed
  3. Store products in a cool dry area, away from food & water and out of reach of children and animals
  4. Do not use aerosol sprays near sources of heat or naked flames
  5. Do not use sprays around electrical appliances and outlets
  6. Use the provided mask & gloves when applying any of our spray, fogger or powder treatments

All backed by our unique 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!