FAQs: Using Moth Killer Kits

At MothPrevention we know that finding moths in your home can feel violating and even embarrassing. The damage that can result from leaving moths untreated can be expensive, leaving clothing, carpets, textiles and food in need of replacement.

Good news! Our MothPrevention Clothes Moth Killer KitsCarpet Moth Killer Kits and Pantry Moth Killer Kits are the premium grade solution to your moth problem. When used correctly they are safe to use and efficient products for removing the textile moths & pantry moths from your home.

Our products are designed to effectively stop the moth life cycle and defend your home against further damage. The following FAQs will help you to understand how to use our products to remove the textile moths or food moths from within your home - providing peace of mind for you and your family.

Our Moth KIller Kits arrive with a User Guide to take you through your treatment step-by-step. And we also provide FREE Mask & Gloves with your order.

Don’t get daunted and overwhelmed - Read our FAQs, purchase your product, and treat with our guidance to get rid of the moths in your home.

Before considering purchasing or using your Moth Killer Kit treatment, we highly recommend reading FAQs: Health & Safety.

1. Will I receive a User Guide with my Moth Killer Kit order?

Yes. We’ll supply a straight-forward User Guide with your Killer Kit order.

2. Do I need to wear a mask or gloves when using a Moth Killer Kit?

Yes you do. With any order for Moth Killer Kit we provide you with a FREE chemical grade mask and gloves.

3. How long will it take to carry out a Killer Kit treatment?

Timings will vary from one type of kit to another, different sizes of rooms, contents within a room, as well as the severity of your infestation which will be unique to you. Below are various factors with more details and approximations on timings:

Room preparation: The first step to tackling a moth problem is to make sure the room is prepared. This may involve decluttering, vacuuming, checking / washing / removal of clothing, emptying tableware from cupboards, checking / repacking / removing food from cupboards … the list goes on!

You might only take 1 hour to prepare a simple office space for a treatment, but if you have a serious infestation in a bedroom you could spend a day or more checking garments and cleaning storage spaces ready to receive your Moth Killer Kit treatment. Similarly, if you’re preparing a kitchen for a Pantry Moth Killer Kit treatment you might spend half a day or more checking food, cleaning and moving tableware etc.

It’s important to note that even if you call in a pest controller, room preparation will still need to be carried out.

Killer Kit application process: Timings will vary depending on the size of your room and the type / size of Killer Kit being applied.

  • Foggers: Allow a minimum of 3.5 hours.
    If your Kit contains Foggers it will take longer than if without. Although a Fogger will only emit spray for less than a minute, a minimum of 2 hours until the aerosol vapors and/or mists have dispersed.
  • Sprays: Allow a minimum of 3 hours for an average sized room.
    Sprays are quick to apply, but will need time to dry. This can take a minimum of 2 hours and is dependent on the weather and how warm your home is. Opening windows to allow air to circulate can speed-up this part of the process.
  • Powders: Allow a minimum of 3 hours for an average sized room.
    Powders are quick to apply. However, they need to be left in place for a minimum of 2 hours before being vacuumed up. Where you have children, pets, or risk of inhaling/ingesting residual powder you should make sure to thoroughly vacuum up the powder before you use the room again.

4. When is the best time of year to purchase/use one of your Killer Kits?

Moths are more active during the warmer months. However they can infest all year round in our homes as we like to keep our homes warm! We would recommend using a Killer Kit at any time of the year when you have a concern about moths in your home, or if you see signs of moth larvae or fresh damage to clothing or carpets.

5. Should I remove bedding and pillows from the room before using a Fogger?

Yes - you should remove these items until fogging is completed.

6. Should I remove clothing from closets and drawers when using a Fogger?

No - these items are okay to leave in place.

7. Do I need to be concerned about fire risk when using a Fogger?

Yes. You should turn off ALL ignition sources such as pilot lights (shut off gas valves), other open flames or electrical appliances that cycle off and on (i.e., refrigerators, thermostats, etc.) All details to protect you from fire risk are found on the product label and you should not be concerned if instructions are followed.

8. Can I use a Fogger in the Kitchen?

We do not recommend using Foggers in the kitchen.

9. Can I safely use moth killing sprays inside my closet?

Yes you can! We recommend removing clothing from your closets (or drawers) before you treat. When the spray has dried you can put your clothing back. Once our sprays have dried they will not transfer onto garments stored within the closet (or drawers)!

10. Can I apply a clothes moth killer spray directly onto clothing?

No! It is not recommended to use any of the spray products from our Killer Kits directly onto clothing. Instead, to protect your clothing we recommend washing any infested garments and/or deep freezing items for 72 hours to kill eggs or larvae.

    11. Where should I use the powder supplied with my Killer Kit?

    The Powder is ideal for use on severely damaged areas of carpet and other textiles to hit that area hard and suffocate the problem! It can also be applied under furniture and around room edges where moths prefer to lay their eggs.

      12. Can I use powder on clothing?

      No. Powder is intended for use only on carpets, rugs and other textiles.

      13. Will vacuuming up the powder damage my vacuum cleaner?

      As long as the powder is dry it should not be a problem to remove it with a vacuum cleaner. We recommend the following process for different types of vacuum cleaner:
      Vacuum Cleaner with bag: We recommend emptying the bag while wearing your supplied mask & gloves to remove the risk of direct contact or inhalation. Seal the vacuum cleaner bag inside an additional waste bag before depositing in your general waste bin.
      Bagless Vacuum Cleaner: While wearing your supplied mask & gloves carefully empty the vacuum cleaner into a waste bag. Seal the bag and deposit in your general waste bin.

      14. After using the Killer Kit I still see flying moths! Did the treatment work?

      The products within our Killer Kit are very effective at eliminating moths, larvae and eggs. As long as you have followed the User Guide to use the correct amount of product, the treatment will have been effective. You can sometimes see moths flying afterwards. They may have come from other rooms, from outside, or in some cases moths will actively hide away from a treatment. However, as long as you have your traps positioned they will catch lingering adult males, and help to prevent further eggs from being laid.

      15. I still see some larvae after my Killer Kit treatment, why is this?

      If an infestation is particularly severe you may need to carry out a follow up treatment to completely eliminate them. Unfortunately moths and larvae can be stubborn to remove and it can take time. You should have sufficient spray and powder (where applicable) within your Killer Kit to carry out additional application to targeted areas.

      16. I need a bit more help before using my Killer Kit! What can I do?

      If you still have some questions please Contact Us.

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