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Moth-Prevention.com’s range of natural moth repellents is the most comprehensive online – we have sourced our products from the US, Europe and the UK to bring you the best range and the most effective natural moth repellents possible.

Click on the categories below for effective natural products to deal with moths - backed by our Unique 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

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Repel Moths Naturally

The natural moth repellent range includes natural traps for moths, sprays and scented products to ensure longer-term protection of your clothes to prevent moth infestations in your larder.

Natural moth repellents use the scents that most effectively deter moths, often cedar and lavender, but also other scents such as May Chang and Vetivert based blends. Being of a pleasant smell and safe in use, natural products are most suitable with children and pets in the house. Moth repellents are better used as a deterrent rather than for initially dealing with a serious infestation where a more targeted fast acting solution may be the first step. However, thereafter, natural moth repellents will be effective in maintaining the moth-free environment, in conjunction with regular cleaning, vacuuming and airing of clothes in storage.

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