Old Fashioned Naphthalene Moth Balls

The Problem With Moth Balls

Naphthalene is derived from coal tar or petroleum and is used within traditional or 'old fashioned' mothballs. We do not sell any products which contain naphthalene due the adverse impacts on children and pets. We do not consider them safe for use around the home. They can cause breathing difficulties in adults as well, particularly in poorly ventilated areas. Naphthalene moth balls are also toxic, carcinogenic and highly flammable!

What are the Alternatives to Old Fashioned Naphthalene Moth Balls?

There are various other alternatives to Moth Balls for clothes and such type of products. These also help with the removal of moths, larvae and eggs.

For complete protection we recommend the use of our:

MothPrevention® Clothes Moth Traps to catch any adult male textile type moths, removing them from the breeding cycle and allowing you to confirm the severity of your moth problem before using any pesticides in your home.

Clothes Moth Killer Kits for Moth Infestations to carry out a thorough moth removing process and rid your home of moths, larvae and eggs. Our Moth Killer Kits contain a range of products proven to kill all stages of the moth life cycle over a prolonged period. They also arrive with protective mask & gloves, a simple User Guide, and are safe for use in the home.

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