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Ready to use total release non-residual and natural fogger. For the effective knockdown of Carpet Moths, Clothes Moths and Food Moths in your home. Broad coverage from a quick-release canister with NO residual content.

  • Perfect for use Living areas 
  • Suitable for use in the kitchens where use of insecticides is a concern
  • Kills Carpet Moths, Clothes Moths and Food Moths
  • Non residual content Treats up to 5000 cubic feet
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Product Details

Pro-Control Total Release Fogger is a ‘Ready to Use’ total release insecticide fogger that is safe to use in the living areas of your home, as well as your kitchen. This fogger is effective at killing Clothes Moths, Carpet Moths and Food Moths.

- Do not use in a room 5 ft. x 5 ft. or smaller; instead, allow fog to enter from other rooms. DO NOT use in small, enclosed spaces such as closets, cabinets, or under counters or tables
- One fogger will effectively treat a room up to 5000 cubic feet (25’ x 25’ with an 8’ ceiling)
- DO NOT use more than one fogger in a single room
- It’s important to place the fogger on a flat surface (ideally a table) that is unobstructed by anything above it or around it
- Remove pets, birds, and cover, or ideally move, fish aquariums before fogging - Shut off fans and air conditioners. Extinguish all flames including pilot lights
- Turn off ALL ignition sources (shut off gas valves), other open flames and running electrical appliances that cycle off and on (i.e., refrigerators, thermostats, etc.)
- Open cabinets and doors to area to be treated
- Close doors and windows. Point valve opening away from face when releasing
- Do not remain in the area during treatment and ventilate thoroughly before reentry. - Shake fogger well before use
- TO OPERATE VALVE: Place several layers of newspaper or pad on stand or table in the center of the room. Point valve opening away from face. To lock valve in open position for automatic discharge, press valve button all the way down, hooking the catch. Then place fogger on stand or table with valve locked open. Leave building at once and keep building closed for two hours before airing out. Open all doors and windows and allow to air for 30 minutes. Repeat spraying in two weeks or when necessary
- Check further requirements below:
- Living Space & Bedroom Usage:
Clothing can be left in closets and drawers. Partially open doors and drawers. We recommend the removal of bedding and pillows prior to treatment. Waxed floors & furniture and electrical items should be covered with plastic dust covers if in the immediate area surrounding the fogger.
- Kitchen Use:
Cover exposed food.
All food handling equipment and food prepping surfaces should be covered during treatment or thoroughly washed before use.
Dining Room tables and any utensils should also be washed.

Health & Safety:
- Read the product label before use
- Children and Pets should not be permitted within a room where a treatment is being carried out or until treated surfaces are dry and the room aired
- Plants should be removed from a room prior to any spray or fogger treatment
- Store product in a cool dry area, away from food & water and out of reach of children
- Do not use near sources of heat or naked flame
- We recommend the use of a mask & gloves when using any of our Spray, Fogger or Powder Treatments

Container Size: 6 oz Ready to Use
Manufacturer: Manufactured for Whitmire Micro-Gen by BASF
Active Ingredients: Pyrethrins - 0.5% Piperonyl butoxide - 4.0%

Product Code: AWHIT003


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