Moth Killing Residual Natural Dust - Evergreen Pyrethrum Dust


Ready to use Evergreen Pyrethrum Dust kills Clothes Moths, Carpet Moths, Pantry Moths & larvae and eggs within a few days of application. It also provides an ongoing natural attack on for up to 4 months.

  • Natural Pyrethrum dust
  • Kills Clothes Moths, Carpet Moths, Food Moths, larvae and eggs 
  • Safe for use in kitchens where use of insecticides is a concern
  • Up to 4 months persistence after application
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Product Details

Evergreen Pyrethrum Dust is a natural moth killing dust. Derived from chrysanthemums it is safer for us to use in our homes than other dusts and will kill moths, larvae and eggs. It is effective on Clothes Moths, Carpet Moths and Food Moths.
Apply under low furniture or where furniture is close to the wall. Look for evidence of moth damage to carpets and apply sparingly with a paintbrush to lay down a fine cover. Leave down for a minimum of 3 days and vacuum to remove.

Even though this product is natural it should not be left down in unprotected areas of the home, so to avoid introducing the product to that air.
This product is safe to use in kitchens.

Using a paintbrush apply sparingly to areas where you have seen evidence of moths or moth damage.
Look for any cracks and crevices and apply: Where plumbing enters the wall, windowsills, wall fittings, door frames, baseboards etc.
Leave in place for a minimum of 3 days and remove with a vacuum cleaner.
- Living Space & Bedroom Usage:
Use of this product in living area is permitted.
When using in a Bedroom: Although a natural product care should be taken not to use where it could be ingested if disturbed (under the bed). If using in closets clothes should be removed before treatment and not replaced until vacuumed.
Where using in a Dining Room: Although a natural product crockery, cutlery and the table to should be cleaned after the treatment has been completed. Do not leave unprotected where children and pets have access.
- Kitchen Use:
This product is safe to use in kitchens.
All unprotected food should be removed prior to treatment.
Remove food from pantries and apply a light coating to shelf edges, corners and crevices.
Apply under standalone units such as your refrigerator, washing machine and stove – Do not use inside appliances and be careful to avoid electrical outlets.
Apply around the base of cabinets, baseboards and door jams. After application food preparation surfaces should be washed with a mild detergent.
Do not apply to any areas where Evergreen can be disturbed to become airborne in a kitchen. Although a natural product it should not be ingested.
Leave down for 2-3 days in areas such as larders and food cupboards. Vacuum to remove Evergreen and clean shelves with a mild detergent before placing food back on to shelves.
Where a treatment of Evergreen has been placed under cupboards or behind baseboards it can be left for up to 4 months providing there is no risk of it becoming airborne or pets and children coming into contact with it.

Health & Safety:
- Read the product label before use
- Children and Pets should not be permitted within a room where a treatment is being carried out or until product has been removed from the treated area
- Store product in a cool dry area, away from food & water and out of reach of children
- We recommend the use of a mask & gloves when using any of our Spray, Fogger or Powder Treatments

Container Size: 10 oz Ready to use
Manufacturer: MGK
Active Ingredients: Pyrethrins 1%, Amorphous Silica Gel - 15%

Product Code: AMGKK002


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