You Don't Deserve Moth Problems

Moths are tricky. Learn how to protect and care for your clothing and precious home textiles by identifying and dealing with moths.

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How To Stop Moths Eating Your Clothes - 10 Steps To Clothes Moth Prevention

The definitive approach to stop moths from eating your clothes and dealing with a Clothes Moth infestation from MothPrevention, the leading brand with over 150,000 satisfied customers to date.

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The Mediterranean Pantry Moth Species - A Homeowners Guide

If you’ve ever noticed flying moths or small caterpillar-like larvae in your kitchen, maybe in an open packet of flour or in an unsealed food container - there’s a good chance that you’ve come face to face with a Pantry Moth infestation. Identification of the type of moth is the...

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The Brown House Moth - A Homeowners Guide

It can be lovely to receive visitors, friends and family into your home. However, not all guests are welcome! Then there’s that house guest who just doesn’t get the message and is reluctant to leave. This is definitely the case when you discover a swarm of Brown House Moths. Although...

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The White Shouldered House Moth - A Homeowners Guide

The white shouldered house moth is a common species that belongs to the same sub-species as the brown house moth. The white shouldered house moth is now found worldwide due to its close association with human environments which creates plentiful food sources.

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