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Powerful Pantry Moth Traps 15pk - Versatile and Effective | Results Guaranteed

Powerful Pantry Moth Traps 15pk - Versatile and Effective | Results Guaranteed

German-Engineered Pheromones | Catches Indian Meal Moths and Mediterranean Flour Moths | 15 Pack (3x 5pk) | Non-toxic, Odorless & Safe


Pantry Moth Killer Products - More Detail

Our Pantry Moth Killing Traps are guaranteed to be safe to use and effective in your kitchen

Our products are used by professional pest controllers and certified safe for domestic use. Whether you have a slight pantry moth problem or serious pantry moth infestation our products will control your pantry moth problem when used as part of a step by step process to get rid of pantry moths which we've provided in detail in this pantry moth elimination guide.

How to Get Rid of Pantry Moths in Your Kitchen

How do you get rid of pantry moths?

There are 10 simple steps to getting rid of Pantry Moths from your kitchen which we've detailed out in our extensive guide to pantry moth extermination.

Follow up with repeat treatments and you will get rid of Pantry Moths for good. All of the products found in this category are certified by our suppliers as safe for use in food grade environments.

Here's a short 5 step process summarising how to get rid of pantry moths in your kitchen:

  1. REMOVE your food from the affected drawers or cupboards and vacuum really thoroughly paying attention to edges, cracks and crevices inside and out
  2. CLEAN all surfaces thoroughly that may be affected and leave to dry. Discard any infested foodstuffs within sealed bags
  3. MONITOR / PREVENT moths by placing Pantry Moth Traps close to affected areas to monitor for adult moths and to break the breeding cycle
  4. REFRESH Meal Moth Traps every 2 months. With warmer houses Pantry Moth damage and moth infestations are now a year-round problem
  5. KILL Consider whether there is a need for a Pantry Moths Kit Guide to kill any eggs and larvae with a natural persistent spray. Apply to the affected storage unit

More Information About Pantry Moths

The Mediterranean Flour Moth and the Indian Meal Moth are both common pests in larders, pantries and kitchens across America. Our pheromone Pantry Moth Traps are an effective solution to preventing new infestations.

Female Pantry Moths typically lay around 200 eggs and it is the larvae that cause damage by eating our food and contaminating it with their cocoons and excrement. Poor food hygiene is obviously a major attractant to Pantry Moths and they typically have 2 to 4 breeding cycles per year!

If you need more information to help you identify food moths, see our Pantry Moth Identification Guide.

The Pantry Moth Traps work in a similar way to the Clothes Moth Traps with pheromone bait to attract the male moths and break the breeding cycle. Locate in your pantry, cupboards or similar locations where Pantry and Meal Moths and their larvae are found after you have destroyed infested foodstuffs and treated the surfaces of your cupboards and pantry with an effective pantry moth killing spray.

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