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We’re passionate about solving customers’ problems.UPS and USPS

We're also committed to providing you with the best professional grade products permitted for home use across all US States and proven to work by professional pest controllers.

Every day customers contact us, often in distress, about their homes being invaded by moths and upset by the damage caused by moth larvae. Our customers need to stop Clothes Moths and Carpet Moths, but don't want to spend money to have someone do the job for them.

Every day we provide advice and deliver satisfaction to our customers – fast response, sound advice, great products – solutions to your problems.

Moth-Prevention.com was created because we believe that by being specialists and having access to professional grade moth control products we can provide a proven range of cost-effective products that will deal with your moth infestation. 

Providing the best customer service is deeply ingrained in the way we operate!

We offer both conventional moth killer products and natural moth repellents for those customers concerned about the effects of non-natural chemicals in the home.

Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee combined with industry leading credit card security gives you peace of mind in buying from Moth-Prevention.com.

Thank you for your interest in Moth-Prevention.com – we appreciate your custom!

Adam Smith

Broad Oak Retail, Inc. 

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