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If you are reading this page it is probably because you have been using our MothPrevention Clothes and Carpet Moth Traps and have concerns that your infestation is too serious for traps alone to deal with. To put it simply; Traps are for catching adult male Clothes and Carpet Moths. If you’ve found fresh fabric or carpet damage or moth larvae, carpet moth traps alone can not deal with that. You need an additional selection of specialized products to tackle eggs and larvae.

It’s worth noting that having your traps positioned correctly and carrying out some deep cleaning could get you over the finish line. However, sometimes a more aggressive approach is needed. Let us help you below with some useful tips, as well as provide you with details on how you can build your own Carpet Moth Killer Kit.

Placement of MothPrevention Moth Traps and Continuous Monitoring

Firstly, make sure that your traps are correctly positioned and working as effectively as possible. Our Blog post How To Maximize The Effectiveness of Your Moth Traps has some useful advice that will improve the performance of your Traps.

How To Maximize The Effectiveness of Your Moth Traps

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Hygiene and General Cleanliness

Deep cleaning your home is important to rid your house of Carpet Moths. Moths prefer to lay their eggs in dark undisturbed places, and these are the areas that need your attention. Follow the helpful advice in our useful guide How Do I Get Rid Of Carpet Moths & Carpet Moth Larvae? - 7 Steps To Carpet Moth Treatment and you’re guaranteed to reduce egg, larvae and moth count.

How Do I Get Rid Of Carpet Moths & Carpet Moth Larvae? - 7 Steps To Carpet Moth Treatment

A step by step guide to identifying Carpet Moths, dealing with an infestation and Carpet Moth Prevention in the future - all you need to know.

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Consider the Need for Chemical Products

If after careful placement of traps and thorough cleaning you are still concerned about the severity of your moth infestation, it may be time to consider a more aggressive approach - A chemical treatment may be required.

The correct use of aerosol foggers, residual sprays and dust in conjunction with our Moth Traps will eliminate all stages of the moth life cycle from egg, larvae and to adult moth. The correct process would be to start with the Clothes and Carpet Moth Traps, follow on with the use of a knockdown aerosol fogger, and provide ongoing killing power through the use of a residual spray and dust.

Moth Knockdown Aerosol Fogger

A fogger emits a fine insecticidal mist that will coat and treat an entire room with very little effort, killing Clothes Moths, larvae, and eggs. The benefit of using a fogger is that it is quick and gets into the smallest crevices within the room being treated.

Moth Killing Residual Spray

A 'Ready to Use' Residual insecticidal moth spray that should be used with its injection nozzle to target crevices, corners and room edges where you suspect moths are harboring, as well as where larvae and eggs are deep out of reach of other moth control products. It kills whilst wet, and once dry the moth spray leaves a persistent insecticidal layer that lasts for 2+ months. It will continue to kill any moths, larvae and eggs that come into contact with it.

The residual protection of an anti moth spray will also kill moth larvae and eggs.

Moth Killing Dust

A ready to use residual moth killing dust should be lightly applied to heavily damaged infested areas of carpet or rugs. Perfect for application behind and under furniture that will not be moved frequently, although not ideal for heavily trafficked areas as this product should not be disturbed or ingested. Dust will kill eggs, larvae and moths.

Where to Purchase and Health & Safely

At MothPrevention we specialize in the production and sale of the most effective Clothes Moth Traps available. We do not sell chemical based products, such as Foggers or Sprays. However, a range of products is available from other online retailers as well as on the high street. When purchasing such products please take care to read all labels, guides and Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDSs) provided. Also, wear any recommended Personal protective equipment (PPE). If you have any concerns about using chemical products seek advice from a professional Pest Controller.

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