Moth Traps and Refills

Powerful Clothes Moth Traps & Carpet Moth Traps - 3 Pack

Proven Best Catch-Rates in the USA. Refillable, Odor-Free & Natural Clothes Moth Traps from MothPrevention®. Natural, Non-Toxic and Safe to use Clothes Moth & Carpet Moth Traps. German-Engineered Clothes Moth Pheromones for Performance - Results Guaranteed

$39.95 $42.50

High-Performance Clothes & Carpet Moth Trap Refills - 6 Pack

Clothes Moth Trap Refills from MothPrevention® | Natural, Non-Toxic and Safe | German-Engineered Pheromones for Performance | Results Guaranteed

$46.95 $51.55

Powerful Pantry Moth Traps 15pk - Versatile and Effective | Results Guaranteed

German-Engineered Pheromones | Catches Indian Meal Moths and Mediterranean Flour Moths | 15 Pack (3x 5pk) | Non-toxic, Odorless & Safe

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