Pantry Moth Killer Kits

Uncompromising Pantry Moth Killer Kits for Effective Moth Control

POWERFUL PANTRY MOTH KILLER KIT | Natural Biodegradable Treatment | 1 Room | Professional Grade

Use Natural products to kill Pantry Moths, Larvae and Eggs within your Kitchen & Kitchen Cupboards - Fast and Effective Pantry Moth Spray
$63.10 $66.42

POWERFUL PANTRY MOTH KILLER KIT | Natural Biodegradable Treatment | 2-3 Rooms | Professional Grade

Use Natural products to kill Pantry Moths, Larvae and Eggs within your Kitchen & Kitchen Cupboards - Fast and Effective
$109.20 $114.95


By Following the Instruction Guide included you WILL ERADICATE Pantry Moth eggs, larvae and adult moths


Kills Pantry Moths, Larvae and Eggs and Provides Ongoing Protection for kitchens - Proven Effective over many years | Save $$$ on Manufacturer Retail Prices


From a Pantry Moth Infestation and Larvae that will contaminate your foodstuffs ALL YEAR ROUND - Moth Traps are only Part of the full solution


We are confident our MOTH KILLER KIT and Pantry Moths Traps with advanced pheromones WORK and our customer service shows it! You’ll feel 100% satisfied – the #1 best Pantry Moth Killer - or get a full refund within 90 days no quibbles, no fuss!

Our 2 Pantry Moth Killer Kits are shown above, performing the same job, varying only in size.

Health & Safety

All of our products are certified safe for use by the domestic user at home. We recommend the following, even if using products from within our Natural range.
Sprays and Powders
  1. Read all instructions on product labels before use
  2. Omit children and pets from any room where a treatment is being carried out, or until treated surfaces are dry and the room aired
  3. Remove any plants from a room prior to any spray treatment
  4. Store products in a cool dry place, away from food & water, and out of reach of children
  5. Do not use sprays near sources of heat or open flame
  6. We recommend the use of the mask and gloves provided with all of our Moth Killer Kits when using of our Sprays or Powders

Moth Traps and Refills
Although completely non toxic and natural they are are extremely sticky! We recommend that traps be placed out of reach of children or animals.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We are confident in our service and the quality of products we sell. Should you be less than 100% satisfied with your purchase, please return your order within 3 months of the purchase date for a full refund - no quibbles, no fuss!

If you use our Guarantee, we’d obviously like to hear in what way you were disappointed, but that isn’t a condition of exercising your rights under this Guarantee!

This Guarantee does not affect your statutory rights and for details on how to return your order, please visit our Returns page.


We ship all of our Moth Traps and Refills for $FREE from our own fulfilment centers across the US via a 3 DAY DELIVERY SERVICE.

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Please note that if you place your order on Saturdays, Sundays, or public holidays it will be shipped the following business day.

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