Carpet Moths

Eradicate Moths in Carpets - Get Rid of Carpet Moths For Good!

How to Get Rid of Carpet Moths

  1. CLEAN - Before carrying out moth treatment, thoroughly vacuum the carpet, especially under furniture, along baseboards and areas of carpet where there is evidence of moth damage
  2. KILL - we recommend the use of persistent sprays to treat around the edge of the room, under low furniture, as where furniture is close to the wall. Sprays will dry to leave an invisible layer that will remain toxic to moths, larvae and eggs for weeks to follow. Both are very effective moth control  solutions and bestsellers at Where you have moth damage to carpets, Foggers (also know as Smoke Bombs) are usually needed. Our Carpet Moth Killer Kits provide you with the complete solution, as well as being pre-discounted
  3. MONITOR AND REFRESH - Continue to vacuum thoroughly and place Carpet Moth Traps close to affected areas to monitor for adult moths and to break the breeding cycle. Consider respraying regularly to avoid a further carpet moth infestation


Carpet Moths in Your Home - Carpet Moth Infestations. Treatments & Carpet Moth Killer Products

Carpet moths are similar to webbing clothes moths in that they spin webs in areas they reside and the ‘silken trails’ are often seen on carpets. Moths in carpets might also be the result of infestation by Webbing Clothes Moths - Clothes Moths are not adverse to causing damage to wool carpets and silk rugs. The Moth-Prevention Carpet Moth Killer Kits are effective in dealing with either variety of these closely related moths. Carpet moths can be stubborn residents and are usually evidenced by small ‘balding’ patches in the corners or edges of carpets and rugs. The carpet moth larvae can be difficult to see because they often take on the colour of the natural fibre carpet pile that they have consumed.

Carpet moth eggs are tiny, usually less than a millimetre in length and carpet moth larvae are very small when they first hatch. Within our Killer Kits are Carpet Moth Foggers, a key aspect of the conventional treatment approach. Similarly,  persistent sprays form part of our Kits and when used remain active long after application to kill all stages of the moth life cycle. Given how stubborn carpet moth larvae infestations can be, this can be a real advantage. Our carpet moth treatments include Moth Killing Dust to deal with active carpet moth larvae and to treat areas that cannot be sprayed, such as near electrical sockets. Our Carpet Moth Killer Kits provide you with all that you need.

Our carpet moth treatment and spray solutions should preferably be applied to both the undersides and pile of rugs and deep into the pile of carpets using a trigger spray or aerosol for full and effective treatment.

Use of Carpet Moth Traps is also strongly advised to break the breeding cycle of adult moths by catching the adult male carpet moths, and in doing so help break the breeding cycle and prevent the laying of further carpet moth eggs, as well as working as an effective monitoring routine. We recommend the use of our Moth-Prevention Traps as they have 2-3 times the surface area of other traps and catch a brad range of Clothes Moth and Carpet Moth Traps.

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