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You Don't Have Time for Moths

But when have moths ever cared about what you want?

If you recently found moths fluttering around your guest closet or opened an attic storage box to retrieve your great-grandmother's finest coat only to find moth holes, it can feel so violating (how dare they!).

But before you wage war on your moth problem, you need to come prepared to do battle.

We can help.

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front view of Moth Prevention trap front view of Moth Prevention trap

Simple to Use Moth Traps
Proven to Perform

Simple & Fast Setup

assembled and active in seconds

Advanced German Pheromones

tested against other traps and proven twice as effective

Replaceable Pheromone Board

twice as large as most moth traps and refills available

Additional Moth Access Areas

multi access points along 3 sides; for when hanging between clothes in closets


hang in closets and/or place on shelves/window ledges

Wooden Grain Effect

attractive, low key and discrete within your home

Multi Access Areas For Moths

easy access for moths, easy monitoring for you!

Do you need traps or killer kits?

Our clothes moth traps and killer kits are proven to out-perform all others on the market. Recommended by pest management professionals, carpet and rug dealers, property maintenance companies, and customers just like you.

Moth Killer Kits

Moth holes indicate your closet has become a nursery for moth larvae and eggs (ick). Flying moths won't damage your clothes, but the 200 eggs they lay will!

The Clothes Moth Killer Kit allows you to eliminate the issue at home and offers six months of protection.

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Moth Traps

Designed to attract and kill adult male clothes, our traps stop the breeding cycle before eggs hatch in your clothing.

The quality of the pheromones is critical to the success of trapping moths. Continue to use our discreet, easy-to-use traps to stop damage to your valuable pieces.

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Protect Your Home with
The Best Performing Products On the Market

Clothes Moth Traps

Clothes Moth Traps

End the Breeding Cycle | 3 Pack | Proven Best Catch-Rates in the USA
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Clothes Moth Trap Refills

Clothes Moth Trap Refills

Extend Life of Your Traps | 6 Pack | Proven Best Catch-Rates in the USA
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Clothes Moth Killer Kits

Clothes Moth Killer Kits

Fast Acting | Kills Clothes Moth Larvae | 6 Months Protection
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Carpet Moth Traps

Carpet Moth Traps

End the Breeding Cycle | 3 Pack | Proven Best Catch-Rates in the USA
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Carpet Moth Trap Refills

Carpet Moth Trap Refills

Extend Life of Your Traps | 6 Pack | Proven Best Catch-Rates in the USA
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Carpet Moth Killer Kits

Carpet Moth Killer Kits

Fast Acting | Kills Carpet Moth Larvae | 6 Months Protection
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Pantry Moth Traps

Pantry Moth Traps

End the Breeding Cycle | 15 Pack | Proven Best Catch-Rates in the USA
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Pantry Moth Killer Kits

Pantry Moth Killer Kits

Fast Acting | Kills Pantry Moth Larvae | 6 Months Protection
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MothPrevention Provides the Highest Quality Products and Support

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We Make It Fast and Easy to Get Results

When you find moths or moth damage, you need a solution fast.

Here's How to Eradicate Your Moth Problem:

  1. Identify the Type of Moth

    What type of moths are you dealing with in your home? Find out with our helpful guides! It's critical you know, so you can purchase the right solution.

  2. Purchase Moth Traps or a Moth Killer Kit

    When you purchase from us, you're buying the best solutions available with ongoing support to ensure your problem goes away for good.

  3. Live Moth Free!

    Our refills make it easy and affordable to prevent and protect your home through every season. Keep those moths away for good!

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More Than 150,000 Satisfied Customers

Average Customer Rating:

As soon as I put them up the males were attracted to them. The first round of traps were full of moths and my second set is attracting a few. I think I'm on my way of ridding these things from my house. I will not hesitate recommending your product and it is well worth the money

Carl Barber, TN

I have tried several similar brands/types of moth prevention. Yours is clearly the most effective. Excellent pheromones. Easy to use. Fast shipping.

MothPrevention Customer, CA

Exactly one year later, the moths came back. Last year the traps worked well and many were caught. This year there are far fewer but traps are working.

Pam Braverman, MA

Items were shipped very fast. My whole transaction was very pleasant. Typical Moth-Prevention excellent customer service. Thanks,

MothPrevention Customer, MN

I hired a professional exterminator to help. They gave me moth traps to no avail. So I order your traps and was very happy that they catch numerous months after only a few days. I showed my exterminator and he was shocked at the comparison

Linda Connell, NH

Strong pheromones - Moths started flying as soon as opened! I think these traps will be far superior to others I have purchased in the past. These were recommended by my exterminator

Mary Collins, CA

This is the third order from Moth Prevention. These traps work better than the many others that I have tried. Best product on the market as far as I can tell.

MothPrevention Customer, WA

They work and they are delivered in a timely fashion.

Sherrell Cuneo, CA

Great product; great service!

John McAvoy, DC

these traps attract moths very well, i can only say good about them. it caught all the moths so all the new traps are almost empty,

Adam Snyder, NY

The strips are really effective. They attract the moths then catch them - clean and simple to use. So glad we found these

Ron Shuping, NC

Best product on the market These are the only moth traps that work. I have tried everything on the market.

MothPrevention Customer, WA

The moths are definitely much less , it is working! We have tried other ways to kill them but they’ve never worked.

Susan Csuzdi, NC
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We're a Family Company

We know the frustration and overwhelm of finding moths or moth damage in your home. It can feel like a never-ending battle, especially if you’ve purchased products from other retailers and haven’t seen results.

We’ve helped more than 150,000 customers prevent moth damage and protect their homes with our exclusive German engineered pheromone products, outstanding customer support and education, and our consistent and fast results.

When you purchase a MothPrevention product, you aren’t buying from a mass supplier - you’re purchasing from a family-owned business who cares deeply about making sure you have exactly what you need to protect your home and clothing.

And, of course, we’re here to help - just drop us a line at for any guidance or support you might need.

We’ll stay with you every step of the way!

Best Wishes,

Adam and Karol

Owners- MothPrevention

the Moth Prevention owners

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If you are unsure which product you need or what type of moth you are dealing with, we're just an email away!

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