FAQs: Health & Safety

Your safety is important to us, therefore our Moth Traps and Refills are non-toxic and safe for use in your home. Where you discover that more than moth traps are needed to rid your home of moths we offer advice on how to best do so. This could be advice on what kind of treatments to consider or whether a professional pest controller is needed.

We do not stock chemical products, but with our advice guides and the FAQ’s below you’ll be in a better position to consider sourcing your own products online or use a pest controller to get rid of moths, larvae and eggs.

Before using any pest control products it is important to consider/do the following:

  • Read all container labels and any supplied User Guides in their entirety before commencing with your treatment
  • Do not omit any steps within User Guides or adjust any pre-confirmed dosage rates or timings
  • Wear mask & gloves for any spray or powder treatments
  • Wash hands and any skin that comes into contact with sprays or powders
  • After a treatment, store partially used or unopened product out of reach of children or pets

1. Do you provide written safety guidance with your products?

Our Trap products all have assembly instructions on the packaging to help you with their simple set-up.

2. Which safety equipment should I use when using MothPrevention products?

You will not to use any protective equipment with our Traps.

3. Does MothPrevention sell protective equipment suitable for use with their products?

You will not need to wear gloves, wear a mask or wear protective clothing when setting up our Traps.

4. What about Safety Data Sheets (SDSs)? Where can I find those if I want to read more details about your products?

We provide Safety Data Sheets within the product pages of our website. Just scroll down to the section titled 'Data Sheets' to find all relevant documents.

5. Are your products dangerous to my health?

No. The natural pheromones within our Traps are not a concern to your health. They are purely for attracting the adult males to the glue on the boards.

6. What should I do if I get spray or powder treatment on my skin?

Wash your skin with warm soapy water as soon as possible. Read the product label and Safety Data Sheet for any product specific requirements.

7. What should I do if I'm worried that I might have ingested or inhaled a spray or powder treatment?

Stop using the product as soon as possible. Read the product label and Safety Data Sheet for product specific detailed guidance.

8. Do I need to be concerned if I have allergies?

Allergies come in many different forms, and levels of severity differ from person to person. As such, we're unable to help you when it comes to making a decision about “should I or should I not carry out my own treatment?”. At MothPrevention we take risk from allergies seriously, and for this reason we recommend to do the following:

  • Get the Safety Data Sheet for the product that you are concerned about and seek advice from your doctor
  • If you cannot speak with your doctor, consider asking a friend or family member to carry out the treatment for you. You should not enter the area until the treatment has been completed
  • If none of the above are suitable for you then we advise you to seek out a local professional pest controller to help you with your moth problem

9. I have children and/or elderly people in my home. Do I need to take special precautions for them?

Sprays and powders are not safe to use while other people are in the room. Only the person using the treatment should be in the room using the appropriate protective equipment supplied with your order.

Our Clothes & Carpet Moth Traps and Pantry Moth Traps are completely non-toxic and safe for everybody. However, we recommend keeping them out of reach of children as the glue is very sticky!

10. I have pets! Am I safe to use MothPrevention products?

Yes you are. We only recommend that you position Traps and Refills out of reach, as the glue is very sticky!

11. What if I have a fish tank?

Protecting your tank before using a trigger spray, aerosol spray or powder is critical and these are the things to consider:

  • Trigger sprays, aerosols and powders can be used, but you need to prevent any particles from coming into contact with your tank setup. Protection where the water and/or filter is exposed to air within the room is critical and needs to be covered appropriately. You must provide an airtight barrier between the tank and the free flowing air within the room.
  • Air Stones should ideally be completely removed, or at the very least turned off and the pump sealed inside an airtight bag.

If you are not 100% confident that you can protect your tank from any of the powders or sprays that you are considering using you should either move the tank out of the room or not use any chemical treatments!

Our MothPrevention Traps are completely non-toxic and safe for use in the same room as your fish tank.

12. Do I need to be concerned about room sizes, fire risk, neighbouring apartments & ventilation?

With any chemical products there is a need to read the supplied guides and product labels to remove any risk to you, your family and your home.

With regards to neighbouring apartments & ventilation, we cannot answer this as there are many different scenarios. If you live in an apartment we recommend speaking with your Landlord / Building Manager / Maintenance Person.

13. When is it safe to enter the room after a treatment?

This varies depending on the product used:

  • Foggers: After the fogging treatment has been completed and the room ventilated
  • Sprays: Once the surface that the spray has been applied to is completely dry.
  • Powders: Where you have children, pets, or risk of inhaling/ingesting residual powder you should make sure to thoroughly vacuum up the powder before you use the room again.

Please make sure to follow any steps/instructions on product labels. Timings vary between products - please refer to supplier documentation.

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