Powerful Pantry Moth Trap 15pk - Versatile and Effective | Results Guaranteed


German-Engineered Pheromones | Catches Indian Meal Moths and Mediterranean Flour Moths |15 Traps (3x 5pk) | Non-toxic, Odorless and Safe

Proven to be effective at catching Indian Meal Moths and Mediterranean Flour Moths - 15 Traps (3x 5 Pack). Non-Toxic, Odorless and Safe for use in your kitchen.

Use to catch adult male Pantry Moths on a sticky glue strip impregnated with Natural Moth Pheromones

  • 15 Traps (3x 5 Pack) Non Toxic and Eco Friendly
  • Easy to set-up and discrete
  • Traps Indian Meal Moths and Mediterranean Food Moths
  • 8 week product life span once activated
  • For use where you store food


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Product Details

Natural non-toxic pantry moth traps with pheromone impregnated sticky surfaces to catch, monitor and control infestations of pantry moths. Use MothPrevention® pantry moth traps to help stop pantry moths laying their eggs in food.

This moth trap is proven to have the best catch rates for pantry moths on the market and is Non-toxic, Odourless, Clean and Easy to Use


The pantry moth trap sticky strip is a natural pantry moth killer that works through being impregnated with a natural attractant. Adult male pantry moths become stuck to the strip, enabling you to monitor the seriousness of your moth problem, break the breeding cycle by killing the male moths and help get rid of pantry moths over time. This natural pheromone trap mimics the scent released by the female moth to attract the male

Pheromone Traps work by attracting the Adult Male Pantry Moth only: Females, Juveniles and un-targeted moths will not be attracted


Full Instructions are included with your Pantry Moth Traps

As part of your treatment, we recommend disposing of all infected foodstuffs, cleaning all cupboards thoroughly and using sealable storage containers for all cereals, flour, grains and similar foodstuffs that might become infected

Continue to use our pantry moth traps after treatment to monitor for any signs of subsequent pantry moth activity

Please note that this product is non-toxic and does not kill moth larvae – if you have a serious infestation and significant evidence of Pantry Moths in your home, you may need one of our Pantry Moth Killer Kits to supplement your Pantry Moth Traps

Product Code: AMOTH00703


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Powerful Pantry Moth Trap 15pk - Versatile and Effective | Results Guaranteed

: Great product. Worked fantastic. Would recommend buying 2 pkg if you have lots of moths. I used. Both pkg and have no more moths. Thank you
: These outdo other brands I have tried. Very successful results.
: Very helpful ease of use too
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